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The Future of Automation

Absolute Innovation presents, Serenity Automation.  A reliable automation system that encompasses Automation, Security and Safety.  Based on open source software and off the shelf components, you will never have to worry about support or services.  

Unlike other Home Automation Companies that use proprietary code and components Serenity Automation uses only the best off the shelf components, wiring and materials.  We use Open Source code for all component interactions so, if you choose, you can Do It Yourself.

Companies like Colorado vNet, 3vNet and others, left customers hanging when they suddenly went out of business.  Their proprietary components are no longer manufactured and the software systems are unable to be upgraded and often becoming unusable.  This left hundreds of high-end customer homes, almost literally, In The Dark!

Serenity is The KEY to Your Automation Needs!

Integrated Automation & Security
Our focus is on Integrated Security & Automation, including lighting and electronic device control, security, and efficient energy utilization.   We are also home planners and interior design consultants.  Serenity designs your space and control systems to meet the requirements of the 21st century.  Our custom designs reflect your requirements and accommodate your environmental and everyday needs.  We work with you to maximize the utility of the building, while providing a unique environment to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Utilizing the latest open systems and software, our designs makes the the building easier to sustain. Advanced technology and tools provide aids to operational maintenance.

We design an integrated system so you can enjoy a safe but comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly space. 
Technology Can
"Make It So!"
Serenity Automation offers a complete service for selecting Digital Home Automation and Security Systems.  We integrate the digital control and security system into your home infrastructure to make it work seamlessly with your lifestyle.

While the underlying technology is advanced, its application is engineered to enable common control functions to be managed electronically.  The majority of the electronic control components are ‘low voltage’; thus eliminating many of the ‘shock’ hazards of electrical systems. Even the light switches and touch panels throughout the building are ‘low voltage’! 

The building works For you; dynamically adjusting to your everyday usage.  Full range occupancy/motion sensors control most of the lighting and environmental systems; often eliminating even the need for a common light switch!  Security systems utilize many of the same control components to reduce cost.

We will be making our reliable open source and open component systems available in the very near future.